Breast Reduction

The breast volume is reduced by removing excess fat, glandular and skin tissues from the body.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure performed under general anaesthesia for our patients who have health problems or feel that their esthetic appearance is disturbed due to the excessive size of their breasts. Breast reduction surgery aims to reduce breast volume by removing excess fat, glandular and skin tissue.

Some of the problems faced by our patients who choose breast reduction surgery include the following:

● Limitation of physical activities, ● Postural discomfort and pain in the neck, back and waist area‚ ● Observation of redness and irritation in the skin tissue under the breast, ● Disturbances in esthetic appearance, such as sagging and asymmetry of the breast.

How is breast reduction surgery performed?

Before breast reduction surgery, the ideal breast size is determined per the specialist's opinion and the patient's desired size. During the surgery, excess sebaceous glands and skin tissue in the breast are removed by opening breast incisions.

After the breast reaches the ideal volume, the opened incisions are closed, and the breast looks final. Breast reduction surgery, which takes approximately 2 - 4 hours, provides our patients the ideal breast size while improving existing asymmetries and deformities.

All of our patients who are dissatisfied with their breast size for aesthetic or health reasons and whose health condition is suitable for surgery can opt for breast reduction.