An operation thought out in every aspect

Hospital, hotel and transfer processes

Arrival and Transfer to Istanbul

Our patients who request a transfer service and come from abroad or outside Istanbul for the operation are met by our team at the airport and taken to their accommodation points with VIP vehicles.

Dr. Ahmet Dilber provides services with its experienced team in transfer, accommodation and hospital processes so that its patients have a safe and comfortable experience in the city. All service areas, especially hospital selection, are the best institutions in Istanbul and comply with international health standards. The entire process of the patient is planned before they come to Istanbul, and the transfer service accompanies our patients upon request.

Our patients coming from abroad or from outside the city are welcomed at the airport. After the meeting and meeting, our patient and his/her relatives set off with our VIP vehicle to settle in Titanic Hotel, one of the best hotels in the city, or in the previously agreed hotel.

Our hotel Titanic Hotel

As a result of the trip, our patients and their relatives, who settled in their reserved rooms at Titanic Hotel, stay here during their stay in Istanbul. In this process, patients and their relatives can benefit from all the facilities offered by the hotel.

Titanic Hotel, located in Bakirkoy, is one of the best hotels in Istanbul with its pool, spa services and famous breakfast services. Titanic hotel has a hospitality approach focused on patients and patient comfort, meeting the standards required by health tourism. At the same time, it helps our patients to have a safe and comfortable stay with its proximity to Bakirkoy Acibadem Hospital, where our operations take place, at a walking distance of 200 meters.

Titanic Hotel, which has a very central location and wide transportation opportunities, is 40 minutes away by car from the places that are frequently preferred to visit such as Sultanahmet, Galata, Hagia Sophia Mosque, Dolmabahçe Palace, Eminönü and Grand Bazaar. With this feature, Titanic Hotel will also allow patients and their relatives to tour Istanbul to the fullest throughout the process.


Our clinic, located in Ataköy, in the center of the city, offers the patient the most comfortable conditions possible throughout the entire operation process.

Our clinic, where interviews and controls are carried out, is located in Ataköy, one of the central districts of the city, and offers the most comfortable conditions to our patients throughout the entire operation process. Our patients, during their stay in Istanbul, Dr. He conducts his meetings and pre-checks with Ahmet Dilber here. The simulation process, which we carried out to show the possible results to our patients before the operation, was also performed by Dr. Edited by Ahmet Dilber.

Clinical and hospital environments play a very important role in terms of the comfort of the patient and the quality of the procedure to be applied to the patient. For this reason, it is one of the main goals of our team to provide an environment where our patients will feel at home, where their every need will be fully met at any time, and where they will not feel uncomfortable for a moment.

Located in Ataköy, in the center of the city, our clinic offers the patient the most comfortable conditions possible throughout the entire operation process. Acibadem Hospital in Bakirkoy, with its equally central location, comfortable rooms and a professional team that runs to every need of its patients, is one of the leading hospitals in this field that keeps the global aesthetic surgery trends such as ''rhinoplasty in Turkey'' or ''rhinoplasty in Istanbul'' alive.

In our private clinic located in Bakirkoy Acibadem Hospital and Ataköy, the latest, highest quality and most effective modern medical technologies are used for aesthetic surgery procedures, thus providing the smoothest possible aesthetic operation experience for patients.

Especially in areas such as rhinoplasty, that is, nose surgery, which can cause radical changes for the patient, our team aims to provide patients with a real rhinoplasty experience in Istanbul.

Bakirkoy Acibadem Hospital

Dr. Istanbul Bakirkoy Acibadem Hospital, where Ahmet Dilber performed his surgeries, is one of the best hospitals in Turkey, providing services at international health standards. It is a globally recognized hospital especially for anesthesia and reanimation physicians, nursing services and medical devices and equipment.

Hospitality of the patient in a clean, healthy, comfortable and safe environment before, during and after the operation is very important not only for the patient himself, but also for our hospital team.

Hospital selection has a major role in the reliability of the operation to be applied to the patient, in line with the adequacy of the healthcare team and technological equipment. For this reason, working with the hospital that will provide our patients with the best health experience they can get and keeping our patients safe at all times are among the main goals of our team.

At Bakirkoy Acibadem Hospital, the most up-to-date, highest quality and most effective modern medical technologies are used for aesthetic surgery procedures, thus providing the highest quality aesthetic operation experience possible for our patients.

Transfer to Airport

Those who come for the operation are put in a special vehicle after the operation by our team members and transferred to the accommodation points with various services.

Get Peace of Mind After the Operation

After plastic surgery operations, it is very important for the nature of the operation that our patients are hosted in a comfortable, safe and sterile environment, regardless of the type of operation. Dr. Ahmet Dilber and his team act with this principle as a vision. For this reason, it is aimed to provide the highest quality service to the patient by our team, just like during the operation process and afterwards

After the operation, the patients and their relatives are taken to the airport with our VIP transfer vehicles. In this whole process, the highest quality and most attentive service is provided to the patients and their relatives.

Our patients stay in touch with our team throughout their recovery process after they return home. At this point, Dr. Ahmet Dilber and his assistants regularly request images from our patients and follow up the long-term process.