Breast Augmentation

An implant is placed under the breast tissue and breast volume is increased.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most frequently performed surgical operations among body surgeries, preferred by patients who are disturbed by breast smallness or asymmetry. As a result of the operation, a larger, fuller and symmetrical appearance of the breasts is achieved.

Breast augmentation involves inserting a prosthesis or fat injection under the pectoral muscle. The patient decides which of these methods is used and how big the breast should become, accompanied by a specialist's opinion. The recovery time after the surgery varies from person to person, but on average, it is 2-3 weeks. Breast augmentation surgery is one of those procedures where the desired appearance is achieved in the shortest possible time, and the patient is very satisfied.

How is breast augmentation surgery performed?

Patients often prefer breast surgery since the surgery and recovery process is very comfortable, and the result looks esthetic quickly.

During the breast augmentation surgery, which takes about 1.5 - 2 hours, 4-5 cm incisions are made under the armpit, under the breast or from the nipple and the selected prosthesis is placed under the breast or muscle tissue. After the surgery, our patient is kept under observation in the operating room for one night, after which he/she can return home or to the hotel.

Day 1: After the breast augmentation surgery, the patient is put on a special corset bra. Oral food intake is possible 2 hours after surgery and walking 4 hours after surgery. Our patient is kept under observation in the hospital for one night. The next day he/she can go to the hotel or home and rest.

Day 7: The first week after surgery is very important for the patient to rest. As the week progresses, a decrease in pain and oedema is observed each day.

Week 7-14: The patient can return to daily exercises that do not tire his/her. He/she should avoid movements that strain the area and continue to take care to protect it from impact.

  1. Month: By the 2nd month after surgery, recovery is largely complete, oedema has subsided, and the breast begins to take on its final appearance. The patient can return to strenuous sports activities after the 2nd month.
In breast augmentation surgeries, a prosthesis, also called an implant, is placed under the muscle tissue to increase breast volume. The inner part of breast prostheses, whose outer surface is covered with hard silicone, has a gel consistency and is softer. There are several types of prostheses, which differ in their content, structure and shape. The type of prosthesis used in surgery depends on the image to be achieved and the doctor's professional opinion.