Op. Dr Ahmet Dilber

Patient-Focused Approach in Plastic Surgery

Op.Dr. Ahmet Dilber

Dr.Ahmet Dilber

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon

Dr. Ahmet Dilber, who has successfully performed more than 5000 surgeries in the field of plastic, reconstructive, and esthetic surgery, performs surgeries in various fields of plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty, breast esthetics (augmentation, lifting, reduction, gynecomastia), facial esthetics (lower and upper eyelid esthetics, fat injection, forehead reduction, bichectomy, chin implant, facelift, neck lift, temple lift, eyebrow lift, lip lift, protruding ears, body esthetics (tummy tuck, liposuction, butt fat injection), thigh lift, arm lift, six-pack), genital esthetics (labiaplasty, vaginoplasty), cleft lip and palate, and pediatric plastic surgery in many areas of plastic surgery.

Dr. Ahmet Dilber, who graduated from the Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Istanbul College and is now known for his difficult cases, especially in rhinoplasty, continues to practice in his private clinic.

Beauty and the Golden Ratio

Beauty is a concept that humans and almost all living beings strive for. The desire for beauty has taken place in many cultures throughout time and has had a significant impact on life. Despite the perception of beauty varies from society to society throughout history, what remains constant is the desire for what is considered beautiful and the harmony of beauty with the Golden Ratio.

Many beings that we consider beautiful and perfect are known to conform to the Golden Ratio. Therefore, achieving the ideal concept of beauty and perfect esthetic appearance is to achieve the golden ratio. Structures that do not conform to the golden ratio in the body, and thus the perception of beauty, can be brought to perfection through esthetic surgery. However, the proportions of structures to be beautified by esthetic surgery may vary from region to region. For example, the ideal proportion is different for breasts and lips.

"The impressions are only the best. The doctor is a great professional in his field. I am very pleased that I consulted this doctor. He is a very nice and kind person. From the first minute, I understood that I had chosen the right doctor and I completely trust him. I am very satisfied with the result of rhinoplasty and I am very happy. I wholeheartedly recommend this doctor."
Beth m.
"It is a very wrong perception that only superficial changes can be made with aesthetic surgery. On the contrary, the superficial changes made in this field penetrate the patient's soul. This change can be felt in the patient's eyes and gaze after the operation."

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