Shaping is done for an aesthetic appearance by eliminating excess fat tissues and fat imbalances in the body.


Although adipose tissue varies from person to person, it is one of the most difficult tissues for the body to burn. Despite eating a healthy diet and exercising, our patients who complain of regional fat accumulation often prefer liposuction. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that aims to remove excess fat tissue from the body locally and in a larger volume.

Even though our patients look fitter after the procedure, liposuction is not a weight loss surgery. Liposuction is primarily about shaping the body for an esthetic appearance by removing stubborn fat (which cannot be removed through exercise) and fat imbalances. Our patients must incorporate a healthy diet and exercise into their lives to maintain the esthetic appearance of their bodies after liposuction.

How is the liposuction surgery performed?

Our patient, suitable for liposuction surgery, meets with Dr Ahmet Dilber before the surgery and draws the areas to be treated. After the drawing, the patient is ready for the surgery. Although the surgery varies depending on the areas to be treated, the liposuction procedure, which takes about 1-3 hours, involves making incisions in the affected areas and using a vacuum to transport the fatty tissue out of the body.

After liposuction, which is one of the most pleasant surgeries in the recovery process, our patient's checks are performed by Dr Ahmet Dilber. She is monitored in the hospital for one night and can return home or to her hotel the next day after the surgery.

Day 1: The patient is dressed in a special shell after liposuction. Our patient is kept under observation in the hospital for one night. The next day she can go to the hotel or home to rest.

Day 7: The patient must rest during the first week after surgery. In a week, pain and oedema decrease daily, and the patient can return to the daily exercises that do not tire her.

Week 4-6 of surgery: By the 2nd week, recovery has largely occurred, oedema has decreased, and the body has begun to take on its final appearance.

Month 2: The patient's return to strenuous sports activities is possible after the second month. During this process, the patient, who remains in contact with Dr Ahmet Dilber and his team, should send imaging material at certain intervals for monitoring.

Liposuction can be applied in many areas where the fat volume is high. With the developing technical and technological equipment, the number of regions where liposuction is applied is also increasing. The preferred areas for liposuction are: Back, waist and breast areas such as hips, waist, abdomen and hips.