BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)

With BBL, it is aimed to make the butt look more raised, shaped and fuller, and if there is asymmetry, it is improved.

BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)

One of the important areas that contribute to improving the overall esthetic appearance of the body, especially in our female patients, is the hips. For this reason, complaints such as the small size of the buttocks, their sagging appearance or their lack of fullness lead our female patients to prefer hip esthetics (buttocks).

Despite there are many different techniques in the butt (hip) esthetics, BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) is today's preferred butt lift surgery. With BBL, the buttocks should look more lifted, sculpted and fuller; if asymmetry exists, it will be eliminated. The surgery results in high patient satisfaction and a quite comfortable recovery period.

How is the hip (buttock) esthetic procedure performed?

Before the buttock lifts under general anaesthesia, the patient's routine health tests are performed. The patient, who has not been found to have any health obstacles to the procedure, is ready for the surgery after the discussions and checks with Dr Ahmet Dilber. In the BBL surgery, which takes about 2-4 hours, liposuction is performed on the areas of the patient with fat tissue. The fat taken from other body parts is injected into the buttocks area. At the end of the procedure, the opened incisions are closed, and a special corset is worn to protect the treated areas of the patient.

Following the surgery, our patient is hospitalized for one night. Dr Ahmet Dilber visits our patient to check on her before and after the surgery. It is appropriate for the patient to return to the hotel or home the day after the surgery.

Day 1: The patient will wear a special corset after the BBL surgery. Our patient is kept under observation in the hospital for one night. The next day she can go to the hotel or home to rest.

Day 7 - 15: One week after the surgery, the last check-ups are performed, and if the patient lives in the city or abroad, she can return home. After returning home, the patient should protect the hip area from impac

15-30 days: The patient should sleep on her face for 15 days after surgery BBL, not sit, and use a soft pillow when sitting between 15 and 30 days. She should continue to wear her special corset for 6 weeks.

Month 1: This is when oedema and swelling recede, and the buttocks begin to take their final shape. When our patient is in Istanbul, personal check-ups are performed. If she lives in the country or abroad, she will be asked for regular check-ups, and Dr Ahmet Dilber will perform monthly check-ups.

After BBL surgery, sitting on the buttocks for at least 15 days is unnecessary. On the advice of Dr Ahmet Dilber, a special buttock cushion can be placed under the legs so that a sitting position can be achieved.